Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Zambia Blog Update

We just finished our debrief for today, Tuesday April 23rd. We lead a day camp in Teta - a small village in the bush. We worked with 23 orphans that the little church takes care of. This is the same church that we put on the steel roof for in 2010.

The kids started out very distant, but by lunch time they were having a blast. Some very cool ministry happened today as the team worked together really well. Brandi is doing an amazing job directing the camp. Jack shared Christ today, Josh led games, and Tim and Nicole led worship and everybody had a part. It's amazing to see how God uses each person in their gifting.

It's a blast to see God at work. Tomorrow we take these kids to a local park with a waterfall. Then Thursday, our camp begins in Serenje.

- John Alford -