Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going back to Zambia...eventually

Hey everyone. First of all, you might be a little confused because this blog switches back and forth between writers, but for the next two weeks or so, it'll be me (Jack Archer). I'm heading back to Zambia for a short trip, my main goal will be to get the Zambia Back to School program for orphans going. It will also be great to see everyone again. (I spent three months in Serenje, Zambia last year from December '08 to March '09, if you want you can go back on this blog and read about some of my experiences).

Anyways, so as you know, the weather has been kind of crazy in the Midwest, so I've run into a few problems. All seems to be in order now though, so I should arrive in Lusaka, Zambia Tuesday afternoon. Check back here soon and I'll keep you updated on my arrival and details with my progress in getting the orphans that Brookside is supporting back in school. Also, you can email me at for questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks!

-Jack Archer

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