Thursday, March 31, 2011

pics of our ministry

Islam is beginning to make in-roads in sub-sahara Africa.
This mosque was recently built in Lusaka.
There are plans for 35 more in the city!

The Multi-Purpose building
that Brookside was able to pay for in 2008.

In Lusaka, we were able to make hospital visits
to a children's cancer ward with Fairview Baptist Church.
We prayed with the families and gave them booklets about Jesus.

At the Hope Center,
the orphans are able to get
at least one good meal a day

At the end of the week,
we gave the children a folder
with all of the weeks programming in it -
including a pic of themselves with us. They loved it!

A rousing game of duck-duck goose.
A good sign of these children's progress
and health is that they now love to play!

Kids showing off their "salvation-friendship" bracelets.

Brookside was able to give each
of the 60 orphans of the HCC Serenje
and 130 orphans of their extension ministry
a blanket to keep warm as they head into their winter season.

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