Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zambia Update

Our team had a great day and an amazing night.

I had a chance to interview Chalwe, an orphan at the Hope Center.  He
was the initial student enrolled in the Back to School Program.  He
told me he wanted to go to school so he could get a job and support
his sister.   When his father died, they were split up and he has not
seen her in a while.   Pretty moving to see this 13 year old's eyes
well up with tears as he is sharing about his life.

And then tonight we had a devotional gathering with the pastors and
their wives.  Pastor Edwin of Teta church shared his testimony and
then one of our team shared as well.  What was supposed to be one
closing song turned into about 15 songs of loud, joyful praising as
the Zambian believers took turns leading a song.   Though there is
only about 30 of sounded like 500.   What a privelidge to be
surrounded by Zambian believers singing praise to God in their native

- Zambia Team -

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