Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Greatest Need

Today began with a food distribution to 48 orphans. What a joy it was to see, in person, those children who will be using the Hope Childrens Center. It was sobering and humbling to watch the children come up, one by one to receive a large bag of maize, and a small bag of dried minnows (yes minnows). As Traci was handing out the food, the tears came without warning. That's how it happens around here...God shows us reality, and suddenly your American, ethno-centric idea of a "need" is shattered. You see the Zambians as people in need of a Savior, just like us.

In the afternoon, we went with Pastor Navice, and 3 other Zambian pastors to visit with people in a village about 3 km outside of Serenje. This was a brand new experience for a few of us. It was amazing to talk about Jesus to hurting, yet receptive people, who are living in circumstances and family situations that for most of us are unfathomable. Today, the Lord used His church to put the Word of God into the ears and hands of people who desperately need hope. This need is universal. We all need it.
It gave us great joy and hope to see the same God at work in Nebraska and Iowa, also at work here. He is present and His work is being done by faithful men and women who are obedient with their time and energy to impact the lives of the people in Serenje.
~Molly Loneman


  1. Hi Traci and friends,
    We are following your story and praying for you every day.
    Derek and Missy

  2. your email and then read this. You could not have said it better! Thanks for being willing to trust God and go. I understand and know the reality your words are describing. As you may have already sensed, the Africans come to teach and bless you more than you do them. May you know you are being lifted up and will need long phone talks when you return! Thankful that same Jesus that touched your life in college is the one you are seeing in Africa! Love ya tons!

  3. Thanks for sharing Molly. We are praying for you all. We will miss you at small group tonight, but it will give us a chance to see how Kelly and the kids are surviving.

    We are subscribed to the blog so we will look forward to your next post.