Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worship in Kamena and a few other things

Hello, blog readers, and greetings from Tim Wiebe in Zambia (and thus ends Tim talking in the third person). The trip so far has been excellent - we have seen God work in many ways in, through, and around us so far, and are excited to continue the work God has initiated over the next few days before we begin our trek back.

My role here has been primarily to help teach a group of pastors from church in and nearby the town of Serenje where we are staying. I have been teaching on the the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and my prayer is that this material on the third member of the Trinity will help inspire their worship, further their discernment, and both motivate and encourage their service for the gospel. I have been teaching for close to 2 hours each day from 11:00am-1:00pm, directly following Steve Moltumyr teaching on 1 Corinthians. The pastors have been gracious and seem to be responding well to our content. When I was here in Sept/Oct, I was impressed at the eagerness with which these pastors received biblical teaching, and have been both challenged and impressed by the same this trip. On top of that, this second trip I have benefited from the relationship already established with many of the pastors; I truly enjoyed seeing these partners in the gospel again, and have been encouraged by their perseverance for the cause of Christ.

After teaching, each morning, I have spent at least a bit of each afternoon with the orphans and those in our group leading vacation Bible school for them. Though I have primarily observed the vacation Bible school, it has been AWESOME to see those in our group helping out more directly - God has gifted them tremendously to work with children, and it's fun to see the kids' eyes light up whenever the group arrives.

A few others from our group just accused me of writing a novel, so I'd better draw this to a close...I have attached pictures from our time in a village called Kamena - this village is where we worshipped on Sunday morning. It is always cool to hear people praising God in a different language and rightly reminds us of the picture we get of worship in heaven in the book of Revelation, where we read of people from every "tribe and tongue" worshipping our common King, Jesus.

The people here contine to bless us, and we would appreciate your continued prayers for unity as a team, partnership in the gospel with our Zambian family, and joy in ministry and being ministered to.

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