Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to School

I can’t wait to post some pictures (sorry, I can’t until I’m back in America)…today I gave out the school uniforms and supplies to the children of the Hope Center. There were lots of smiles, as you can imagine they were really excited. They each received a backpack with notebooks, pencils, and so on, plus their school uniform inside. They also each got a pair of school shoes and tennis shoes for P.E. class. We’re also covering their school fees for the year. For them to get all of these things is a really big deal.

It’s crazy how it’s a relatively inexpensive project for us that makes a world of difference to them. Just think about the comfort it brings them to not have to worry about if they’ll be able to attend school, or if they’ll fit in with the other kids. It really was a great feeling to see this whole thing play out. Again, their smiles say it all.

I’ve loved getting to spend some time with some of the kids and getting to know them better. I really do love them, and I love to make them laugh and smile. I was thinking back on my short time here...there have been a lot of difficulties and frustration in the whole process, which is to be expected. But just a few minutes hanging out with the kids easily outweighs any of the challenges or disappointments. I’ll miss them.

When I get back to the states I’ll post some photos and more info. I don’t know if I’m ready for the cold weather again!


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