Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Hope Center...live and in color

Well, I only have about four full days left (sorry I haven’t posted more, things have been hectic and internet has been difficult), and I think everything will come together for our Back to School program before I leave. It was quite the complicated process, but I think I got everything figured out, and hopefully it’ll be easier next time since now it’ been done once before. I’m really excited about presenting all the kids with there new school stuff. I’ll take lots of pictures for you.

It’s been really amazing to see and be a part of the Hope Center. It’s weird how I was here for 3 months before with all the building and planning and so on…and the whole time the Hope Center was just this idea. Now it’s become a reality. I’ve absolutely loved hanging out with the kids; they come every day to do a Bible study and get a healthy lunch. They’re so fun and cute and hilarious.

During my second day here, several of the adults who have taken these orphans in to their homes gathered together to express their gratitude. One by one they thanked me for what the Hope Center is doing. They all went on listing their different reasons, it was a really cool sight. I wish you all could have been here to hear what they were saying…after all, the thanks goes to all you Brooksiders who made it happen.

That same day, as the kids were lining up to get their lunch, Navice (the local pastor behind the Hope Center idea) looked at me and said, “Don’t they all look so much healthier than when you were here last?” He was right. Not only do they look healthier as far as nutrition goes, they seem happier and more full of life. Some of you may remember me sharing when I got back last time about a girl named Zita. I never once got Zita to smile, and she was living in a terrible situation. When I first saw her this time around, I hardly recognized her when she looked up at me with this huge smile on her face! It actually kind of stunned me…and I had the thought, “Well that alone is worth everything we've done here.”


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