Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kundalila Falls

As many would expect, one of the best parts about Zambia is the fantastic scenery! Trees, mountains, clear skies, gorgeous meadows, flowers, rock formations... Much of Navice's family, as well as the pastors who had come for training, had never witnessed one of God's most beautiful, yet closest creations just miles away, that is Kundalila Falls. We drove out to an area near the falls, hiked down into the valley, and saw one of the most amazing sights ever! Everyone had a blast climbing the rocks, playing in the water, crossing the falls and just spending time getting to know one another! We were so fortunate to have had that opportunity to visit Kundalila Falls with so many of our Zambian friends and to enjoy God's splendor, left completely untouched by man, together!

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