Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zambia Team Has Arrived!

The six member Zambia Team has arrived safely at the Hope Center in Serenje. The power and utilities have been down and there is no access to the internet like they had hoped. But, the Brookside staff has heard from the Zambia Team via text:

Who would have anticipated a Volcanic eruption in Iceland would disrupt the team's travel arrangements? The group was to fly out of Chicago on Wednesday night. Their flight was delayed 3 hours because the flight crew was late. Then, the plane took off. Two hours into the flight, the plane turned around and came back to Chicago because the London airport had been closed. The team was able to rebook their flight through South Africa and they arrived late Saturday evening in Lusaka. If the Chicago flight had not been delayed, they would have flown into London and still be grounded there. They would not have made it for the pastor training and orphan care. This is such a cool provision of God from something that they originally thought was such a hassle!

Tim Wiebe spent Monday training 23 pastors from churches in the bush - some just starting out in ministry. They also met the orphans on Monday and provided a program. There are some challenges on logisitics because of the rearranged travel. The group is tired but encouraged and feel very blessed to have made it there.

We'll write more when we get more texts.


  1. I have been praying for you and checking the blog many multiple times a day! I really do wish I could be with you...travel hassles and all!

  2. Yeah! You all look great! Have a wonderful time Chels. Love you.

  3. Everything is in God's hands....even our travel arranements :) So glad you all made it safely. Blessings to you and everything you do in Zambia! Love you Brandi!