Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catching up with the past couple days...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Internet access has been unavailable. This update was written Friday morning here in Zambia:

Church construction in Teta – When we pulled up to the church yesterday and opened the van doors, we were greeted with Zambian praise as the women of the church met us with singing and dancing. The Brookside men are helping to put a roof on the new church building. It was a joy to work alongside the local men of the church and share construction tactics! They completed the trusses yesterday, and hope to install the corrugated metal roofing today.At the end of the day yesterday, the whole team was invited into Pastor Henry’s house for an authentic Zambian meal! It was an amazing experience for everyone. The generosity and hospitality we have experienced is very humbling!

School Program – We did a presentation to about 100 elementary aged school kids, packed tightly into a classroom. Using a digital projector, we shared some family photos and an animated video about the life and miracles of Jesus. A couple team members shared testimonies and we presented the gospel.

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