Sunday, July 11, 2010

(These updates are from Friday)

Church Construction in Teta- We arrived early today with the goal of completing or nearly completing the roof we began constructing the day before. The Brookside construction team of Aaron, Zach, and myself worked in close partnership with Pastor Henry and his crew all day long and were ultimately successful in getting a majority of the roof completed. The spirit and camaraderie between the two teams was amazing. Several times, as I was working on top of the roof, I gazed around at the beautiful African landscape and marveled at what a surreal and deeply spiritual experience this was and how blessed I was to be a part of it. At the end of the day, the three of us were invited into Pastor Henry’s home for a traditional Zambian meal of Enshima and great conversation. It was great day!
Posted by Mike Lempke

School Visit in Kamena-Arriving in Kamena we were welcomed very warmly by the people. They were all standing outside waiting for us. Soon after learning where they wanted us to set up, Kettie (Navice’s wife) took me off to show me where the bathrooms were so that I could tell the rest of the group. After that, she asked if I wanted to see banana trees. I, of course, was curious and really wanted to. We went for a short hike (I thought) which turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. As we walked the trails, we walked by her and Navice’s past home and I got to learn about banana trees. Soon after that, we returned to the school. At the school, we got the joy of working with a couple different groups of children. There were 100ish kids each time that all packed into the small school room to see what we were doing. During this time, we got the chance to show a short movie of Jesus’ life, one of us got to share our testimony; we did a small activity with the children, and then lastly pray for them. Before we left, we pulled out a ball we made out of duct tape and hit it around with them. Good time!
Posted by Alissa King

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