Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today we decided to make a feast for the workers in honor of Christmas. I had to go and purchase all the supplies. At home I would've went to it was slightly more work. I took two workers with me to help, we went to a few diffferent shops and the open market area. Long story short, we returned a couple hours later with a van full of food and supplies and a basket with ten live chickens. We had a few guys and women who put the whole meal together...which is certainly no easy task, especially when feeding such a large group. It took them several hours to do things such as kill the chickens and prepare them, start the fire and cook the various things in the pots, etc. It was so much different than the microwave world I come from.
Before we ate lunch, we gathered all the workers around. Zack shared a little bit with them on the project we are doing and how they are building more than just a few buildings. After that, Pastor Novice introduced me. I shared my testimony of how I came to faith in God and how it's changed my life, and then Novice preached. Within his message he clearly layed out the Gospel...that Jesus sacrificed himself so that we may be forgiven for our sins and reconciled to a relationship with God through faith in Him. About 18 workers said that they wanted to accept that truth and put their faith in God (some of them I know were already believers who were showing their agreement with the Gospel, so I'm unsure how many of them were professing faith for the first time). It was really awesome!
Tomorrow I'm going to possibly hang out with one of the workers in the afternoon. Novice said he has gotten into some trouble lately and is in need of guidance...we'll see how it goes. Please pray for him, his name is Sunday. Pray for our friendship that will hopefully start tomorrow, and wisdom for me. The more I remember that God is in control and uses me, the less I get nervous about these type of things, I just want to be the instrument. Pray that I wouldn't lose sight of that. Also, please pray for me as I decide how I will be spending my time and going about accomplishing my goals while I'm here, I have a lot to do. You could also pray that the world will celebrate Christ's birth tomorrow...not just a holiday.

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