Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

So I started 2008 in downtown Omaha and now I'm ending it in Serenje, Zambia...its crazy how much can happen in a year. I obviously had no idea I would be welcoming in 2009 on the other side of the planet, but here I am. It's funny, because I had actually forgotten all about New Year's Eve celebration, and for the first time I'll probably be asleep at midnight, but I'll be awake again by the time it's midnight in the states.

We got a lot of work done today on the construction of the orphanage, it's really exciting to see the progress even for just one day. There is a lot of work to do with the foundation of the buildings, but we're finally starting to lay concrete and build up the walls in some spots. I'm having tons of fun hanging out and working beside the construction teams. (If you're unaware, all our employees are local Zambians that were hired by Zack when he arrived...Zack and I are the only Americans, for now). As we work we ask each other all kinds of questions about the other's country. We talk about history, politics, food, name it. I'm learning a lot about their culture, as well as sharing about ours.
I'm also trying really hard to learn some Bemba, which is a common local language here (one of the 72 in Zambia). I'm struggling, but hopefully I'll know some before my time here is up. A few of the workers decided to give me an African name. It's spelled Bube, and is pronounced BWOO-pay. At first I thought he was saying whoopy, as in Whoopy Goldberg. I thought it sounded weird, but then he told me what it means. It is Bemba for "gift," because they think of me as a gift to Africa. I like it now.
I also got to walk around barefoot outside today, which I love to do for some reason. So between that and the new name, I was feeling pretty African...I just need a few more hours in the sun. (Don't worry mom, I don't have any plans to stay here permanently yet). Although, I'm not enjoying the bugs. It's not like there are a ton, but there are bugs I've never seen before, and they are a bit bigger than at home. Today, I was bit by an ant much bigger than any we have in America, and it had little fangs, so it was a pretty good bite (at least I think it was an ant, no one seems to know for sure). I think I accidentally stepped on some of his friends though, so I guess we're even. Anyways, so things are going well here, and I'm very anxious to see what's to come.

This is a random picture of a neighbor kid, I just had to put it up... I mean c'mon, look at him. Tomorrow Zack and I will be going to Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) to get more supplies, etc. It's a long trip, so you could pray for our safety and success in getting what we need. You could also continue to pray that the weather would favor us (it was great again today, the rain came during lunch and it was clear by the time we started back up). Last, you could pray for my New Years Resolution. Mine is to decrease the time I waste and increase the risks I take...basically, I don't ever want to be held back by fear (physically, socially, emotionally, etc.). Knowing my experience with God, I have nothing to fear anyways. It's all in his hands. It may be cliché, but it's true. Happy fresh start!

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