Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun…

On Saturday I played football (what we call soccer) with about 30 of the orphans in Serenje. It was a lot of fun to see them having a good time. I was just emailing a friend earlier, and I mentioned how great it was to see them being able to forget for a little bit about the worries thay have that children shouldn’t have to be consumed with. For a while, they could just have a good time and be kids. My main goals were for them to have fun, for me to make them laugh, and for them to just simply feel loved. I was also going to share a story from the Bible, but we got cut off by the incoming rain, so many of them wanted to leave to make sure they could get home in time. I’ll share the story next time when we get together though. It was a great morning, and every time I see them I get more and more excited for the Hope Center to be opened. Being over here this long has made it clear to me that the Hope Center should make a big difference in many lives. I can’t wait!
My brother Graham made a good suggestion for the blog, so I now introduce to you…
Jack’s Top Ten Favorite things about Serenje, Zambia…
10) The Rainy Season. A lot of sun and a lot of rain…to me, it’s a perfect balance.
9) The landscape…amazing views…enough said.
8) There’s a Chess Club, I bet you didn’t expect that! And yes, of course I played.
7) The extremely bumpy dirt roads that my Hyundai Elantra would never be able to pass…driving in America will always seem dull.
6) The market…you never know just what you’re going to find.
5) Learning Bemba…Kulumbanya Lesa Yesu Kristu mulubushi wandi!
5b) Listening to the Zambians praise and worship God in their own music and language.
4) Navice and his heart for wanting to help people and follow God.
3) All my friends here…especially my good friend Sunday.
2) The kids…what’s the word for too much cuteness?
1) God’s presence…He’s just as active here as He is anywhere…and He’s amazing!
PRAYER REQUESTS: I just can’t seem to stop that clock from ticking, pray that I will be focused and intentional as my time here winds down…this week I’ll be doing a lot of meeting with school officials and exploring the way the system works here, pray that I would be able to work well with the school’s leaders and make progress, and that I understand what it will take to hopefully get some of the orphans into school soon…pray for my family, cause I love them and can’t wait to see them again and share with them. Thanks.
Special Note to Tribe: Hey guys! So I was trying to fall asleep last night, and I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve…I was too excited about being back at Tribe and seeing you all again. I’m jealous that I’ve missed so much of what’s been going on in Tribe for 2009. I promise I’ll share all of my experiences from over here if you share your experiences from over there with me. Deal? The only problem is that I’ve been trying so hard to learn Bemba that I might forget how to use English. I think my grammar and writing skills are already fading…anyways, me miss you lots, see you fast. Love you guys!

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